Create a Layer


Layers represent the physical divisions within your locations such as floors. This guide will walk you through adding a new layer to an existing location in Console.

Access the Location Overview

Click on the desired location from the list to open its overview. Here, you will see details like the location name and the date it was published.

In the location overview, locate and click on the Layers horizontal tab. Initially, this list will be empty until layers are added.

Add a New Layer

Click on the + Add Layer button to start the layer creation process.

Enter Layer details in the flyout

A flyout will appear where you must enter the following details:

  • Name: Provide a name for the layer, typically the floor number or designation.

  • Type: Currently, the type is automatically set as Floor. Future updates may include additional types like car parks.

  • Floorplan (.dfx file): Upload the .dfx file of the floorplan. This file is crucial for gospace to render and map out the space for use throughout the platform.

On adding the layer, gospace AI auto-populates the floor with all zones, rooms, and individual workpoints necessary for planning and allocations.

Save or Cancel

After filling out the details:

  • Click Cancel to return to the layer list without saving.

  • Click Add to save the new layer. Ensure all fields are completed correctly.

Publish Changes

Similar to adding locations, you must publish the changes for them to be active:

  • A Review changes button will appear after you add the layer.

  • Click Publish to go live with the updates. If you choose Discard all, the added layers will not be saved.

Once created, click on the new layer in the layer list to access the layer overview tab. Here, you will find a new horizontal navigation bar featuring a "Floor Plan" tab.

Click on this tab to view a read-only version of your floor plan, rendered into the platform.

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