View your schedule

As a user, you can easily view your daily allocation, forecasted intentions, delete scheduled intentions, and track upcoming intentions and meetings using the schedule tab. This helps you manage your schedule to see where you're sat, and when you're scheduled in.

How to View Your Schedule

Viewing Your Today Card

  1. Open the gospace app on your mobile device and navigate to the schedule tab to view your today card if you have an allocation that day.

  2. The Today card displays:

    • The current date

    • Associated team details if included in the intention

    • A floorplan with your specific allocation highlighted

    • Initials of users associated or invited to the intention

    • A list indicating whether each invited person has confirmed attendance

Canceling an Intention

  1. To cancel an intention, tap the "Cancel" button on the intentions card.

  2. Confirm the cancellation when prompted.

  3. The card will update to reflect the cancellation, removing the allocation.

Viewing forecasted intentions by AI

Accessing Likely Cards

  1. Open the gospace app and navigate to the schedule tab.

  2. You will see Likely Cards for each day you are predicted to attend the office based on a 50-80% likelihood (unless changed by an admin in the locations settings).

Managing Likely Cards

  1. To confirm an intention, tap the "Accept" button. The intention will be saved and marked as confirmed in your schedule, which will then create an allocation and show where you're sat on the evolution either the day before or the day of.

  2. To decline an intention, tap the "Decline" button. The intention will be removed from your schedule.

Transitioning to Today Cards

  1. On the day of a confirmed intention, the Likely, Invited, or Autoscheduled Card will convert to a Today card, displaying:

    • A detailed floorplan with your specific allocation highlighted

Deleting Scheduled Intentions

Removing an Intention

  1. Navigate to the schedule tab in the gospace app.

  2. Select the intention you wish to delete (e.g., attending the London office on May 24th).

  3. Confirm the deletion when prompted.

  4. The app will remove the intention from your schedule and no longer allocate space for that day.

Viewing Scheduled Meetings

Meetings show the same as any other intention, just with some different fields shown, and on the day of will turn into a today card (via a swipeable carousel if t

Each meeting entry will include:

  • The meeting's title

  • The time and location

  • The participants

Keeping Track of Changes

  1. If a meeting is canceled or rescheduled, the schedule tab will update immediately to reflect these changes, either removing the canceled meeting or updating the details.

Next Steps

By following these steps, you can manage your schedule efficiently using the gospace app. Whether it's viewing your allocation for the day, managing forecasted intentions, deleting unnecessary scheduled intentions, or keeping track of your meetings, the gospace app provides comprehensive tools to enhance your productivity and coordination within the workspace.

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