Schedule a team room for a day

The team room scheduling allows employees to reserve a dedicated space for their team or selected people for a full day, supporting focused group work without interruptions in a designated room.

How to Schedule a Team Room

Step 1: Access the Schedule Team Room tab

Open the gospace app on your mobile device, navigate to the scheduling options via the bottom right hand menu, and select "Schedule Team Room."

Step 2: Input Team Room details

  • Select the desired location from the dropdown list.

  • Choose the team, or users, that will use the room. If a senior employee needs a room to themselves they can leave this empty to be allocated a room by themselves.

  • Pick the date(s) for the scheduling using the collapsible calendar picker.

  • Select any required amenities for the room (AI will try to provide you a suitable room, but if one is not available the amenities may not always be provided by the allocation).

Step 3: Check for conflicts

Use the interface to check for any scheduling conflicts with team availability when scheduling via the dots in the calendar, and on the schedule component itself.

Step 5: Finalise scheduling

Press the "Schedule Team Room" button to create the intention. The intention will appear in the schedule tab, marked as confirmed with the specific team or invited users, though they will have to individually accept the invite unless auto-accept is turned on for that location in the admin console via location settings. A user can view who has accepted, or not via the intention in the schedule tab.


If you decide not to proceed with scheduling a team room, simply press the "Cancel" button. Any data entered will be discarded, and you will be returned to the previous page without any changes being made.

Similarly you can cancel an intention via your schedule after creating it which will delete the intention for all attendees, and free the team room for that date and time.

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