We recognise the importance of a seamless and connected platform for efficient space allocation and optimisation. This is why we have designed our integrations to provide a comprehensive solution, streamlining directory creation and management, and utilising real-time occupancy data to drive predictive space allocation and optimisation.

Our integrations are built to be flexible, secure, and easy to set up, allowing you to quickly benefit from our space optimisation and automation capabilities.

Key Features of Integrations:

  • Connect gospace with directory services like SFTP, Microsoft AD, and Snowflake to seamlessly import and manage users and teams. This provides continuous synchronisation of user and team data.

  • Integrate with systems providing real-time occupancy data, enabling AIDRA to predict user presence and optimise office space usage accordingly. AIDRA analyses user and team information alongside real-time occupancy data to intelligently allocate space. This ensures users are seated with their teams, making optimal use of available office space.

Getting started with Integrations

Integrations are their own permissions, so to view integrations in the navigation side-bar an admin must have been assigned a role with integration read permissions, or be the master user.

Note: Firstly, make sure you have setup your locations in gospace, as you will be mapping these in both directory and occupancy integrations.

On clicking "Integrations" you'll be shown the screen above, here an admin can set the following integrations:

  • Directory: This refers to user or team imports from your existing company directories. We currently support the following providers: SFTP, Snowflake, & Microsoft AD.

  • Real-time occupancy: AIDRA continuously learns from attendance data to optimise your spaces daily. Through real-time occupancy integrations, you can leverage occupancy data to significantly improve AIDRA's accuracy in space optimisation. We currently support the following providers: CISCO Meraki, Snowflake, & SFTP.

Next steps:

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