Release Version: v1.0.0-beta

Release Date: 30.04.24


We're thrilled to introduce the initial early-access release of the new gospace platform! With this we invite you to explore the UAT environment, to give you a firsthand experience of the revamped interface and enhanced capabilities of gospace.

In this inaugural release, we've rolled out the new Integrations feature. Previously, setting up integrations required a direct request to our team. Now, you can autonomously configure these integrations directly in the gospace console. Seamlessly import users and teams from your organisational directories or sync real-time occupancy data for more precise and predictive space allocation by AIDRA.

During this early-access period, we're also excited to provide access to essential modules to test your integrations including people, teams, and locations. To note some functionality will be missing/or in progress on these modules, but these will be outlined below.

Dive in and start experimenting with the fresh look and feel of gospace, tailor the platform with your integration needs, and enhance how you manage your division. Your feedback during this phase is invaluable as we refine and enhance the MVP to better meet your needs.

New features

List of new features, including:



Ability to create, edit and delete a user within the division

A master user, or console user with permissions can create, edit or delete users.


Ability to create a connection from a user

On the Connections tab, you can configure a connection to a label, zone, room, team, or person. AIDRA uses these connections to consider positive or negative strengths and allocate effectively.


Ability to set schedule settings

Ability to set a user's default team or location, which auto-populates in the UI for the user when scheduling. Additionally, set users fixed days in repeating patterns for different weeks in a Mon-Sun format.


Ability to set privacy preferences

Ability to toggle a users individual privacy preference, with the following options: Can be invited (Y/N), Schedule is visible to other users (Y/N), or Restrict Schedule (Select people that can schedule on behalf of this user).


Ability to add, edit and delete a location

Ability to add & edit a location, set the dates it should activate or deactivate at for further control over when a location is live, and set the operating hours of the location.


Ability to add, edit and delete floors within a location

Create a new floor with your own floorplan, and watch as gospace automatically creates the zones, rooms and identifies every workpoint within the floorplan.


Ability to add, edit and delete zones within a floor

Create a new zone for your floor, for assigning within planning.


Ability to add, edit and delete rooms within a floor

Create a new zone for your floor, for assigning within planning, and also set whether it is a team room, or meeting room for the new smart meeting room feature.


View your floorplan

Navigate inside a layer to select the floorplan tab, and see your floorplan loaded into gospace


Ability to add teams and delete teams

Create a new team and assign members to it. Choose a colour to represent the team. Next, create and assign relevant labels to the team and set its connections.


Ability to import directory via SFTP, Microsoft AD, or Snowflake

Leverage your existing directory via a seamless integration into the gospace platform.


Integrate your real-time occupancy date via SFTP, CISCO Meraki, or Snowflak

Integrate your real-time occupancy date for predictive allocation, and smarter space optimisation

In progress

This is the first early access release of the new gospace platform. As a result, not all functionality is available in this initial release, and some issues may arise. Certain modules are still in progress, but we've made this release available to enable thorough testing of your integrations.

List of functionality in progress visible within this release:

  • Locations - The Activation settings (starts/ends at) is available via the UI (user interface), however is not functioning entirely.

  • Location - Operating hours is available via the UI, however is not functioning entirely.

  • Integrations - On Occupancy integrations in this first release we are missing the first and last seen mapping fields, currently our system is auto-generating these via the integration.

  • People (Settings) - Fixed days is available via the UI, however is not populating the values.

  • People (Settings) - Notification preferences is currently in progress.

  • People (Settings) - Schedule managers within privacy preference is currently UI only, and any values set will not populate.

  • Connections - Connections are currently in progress, so you may encounter some errors.

  • Locations - Floorplan, and the modes in the top left are all in progress, and not representative of the final version.

  • Locations - Settings, the UI is functional, however any value set will not populate currently.

  • Locations - There may be some minor bugs in zones. For example, when editing a zone, the colour is overwritten; this is a known issue.

Note: This is a UAT environment where live feature developments are being continuously tested. You may experience temporary issues. Being a test environment please only use a dataset of up to 1000 records on Integrations


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