User app early access release

With this release we are sharing an early access version of the user app. This early access version has some in progress features, and a few bugs. These bugs are due to data not correctly replicating through the full end to end system, therefore should be resolved shortly.

With this release we have also done further quality of life and functional fixes to the admin console. Furthermore we are releasing the floorplan functionality to the devices URL, meaning now via devices you can view if a room has a meeting, quick book, or configure the device to work as a floorplan monitor, showing all the allocations of that floor on the current day.

To access the floorplan monitor register your device via the admin console, then view allocations for the configured floor at: https://device.sandbox.gospace.app/auth/login


  • Priority Locations Assigned Incorrectly to All Users

  • Duplicate Email Address Allowed During Person Edit

  • Multiple Redundant Records Created During Occupancy Data Sync in SFTP or Snowflake Integrations

  • Teams Created via SFTP Import Are Empty Despite Available People Data

  • Duplicated Teams After Initial Sync in Integrations

  • In the console, when allocating for a specific date, the allocations are incorrectly applied to the next day instead of the intended current day.

  • Allocations show undefined in allocations page in the console.

  • Snowflake Integration Fails to Update Team Changes for Individuals

  • Incorrect Team Mapping Due to Row Duplication in Snowflake Integration

  • If a user is edited (not master), the changes are not shown when viewing a team containing the edited user.

  • Error Occurs When Setting Default Team Created by Integration

  • Users Cannot Log In After Being Assigned Admin User Role

Still in progress:

  • Ability to schedule meeting rooms

  • Ability to schedule team rooms

Known issues:

  • Some floorplans have issues with allocations not showing (In Progress)

  • Changes Not Reflected When Creating Space Settings for Fixed Teams (In Progress)

  • When entity is deleted it is not removed from user's defaults (In Progress)

  • Schedule space for the another user of the same team on the same day hangs on "finding your space" (In Progress)

  • Able to Schedule for Dates When Building is Closed (In Progress)

  • AIDRA replication can cause issues where some corrupted intentions have been created (In Progress)

  • Teams selector is still showing ALL teams when setting your team in default team or scheduling with a team (In Progress)

  • Capacity tracker can sometimes cause 500 when trying to schedule, if this does occur, wait until a full hour, or half hour, i.e. 3:30 or 4pm for the capacity tracker to re-run and see if the issue is resolved. (Under investigation for further improvement)

For early access to the user app please use your sandbox console login and access via: https://app.sandbox.gospace.app/auth/login

For any queries please reach out, and report any issues via the current issue tracker on JIRA.

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