View a users schedule

As an employee using the user app, you can search for and view the schedules and Today cards of your colleagues. This helps you coordinate your office visits to see if a particular colleague is also in the office on a given day.

How to search and view a colleague’s schedule

Searching for a Colleague

  1. Open the gospace app on your mobile device and navigate to the search function via the bottom menu. Enter the name of the colleague you wish to find.

  2. Selecting a Colleague From the search results, select the desired colleague. You will then be presented with a list of their upcoming intentions and their Today card, which shows their current day's allocation, provided they have enabled visibility for their schedule.

Viewing the colleague's schedule

If the colleague has not set their schedule to "hidden," you will see a detailed list of their upcoming intentions, including the date, location, and type of activity.

If a colleague has set their schedule to "hidden" in their privacy settings, their detailed schedule and Today card information will not be displayed. This enforces that privacy settings are respected and only agreed visible information is shown.

Viewing the Today Card

Accessing the Today Card The Today card will display the specific locations and allocation within the floorplan assigned to the user for the day, contingent upon the privacy visibility settings of that user. This allows you to see where your colleague is seated and their workspace allocation for the day.

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