Automate your schedule and optimise collaboration with your teams

gospace Live is our own mobile app that lets employees coordinate in-office days with their teams with minimum effort, whereas the gospace console lets administrators plan ahead and simulate future scenarios to improve operational efficiency.

Using the gospace Live mobile app or accessing directly through your web browser are the easiest ways to manage in-office days and optimise collaboration with your connected teams.

With the comprehensive features of gospace Live, you can:

  • automate your schedule

  • set your fixed days

  • create your own teams

  • invite people to join you in the office

  • see when your teammates will be in the office

Get started

You can download our mobile app from the iOS App Store (requires iOS 13.0 or later) or the Google Play Store, or go to www.gospace.com and sign in with your account.

Explore our product guide to learn more about gospace Live.

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