Schedule a meeting

The meeting scheduling enables employees to manage meetings directly from their mobile devices via gospace. This allows users to select their preferred location, time, attendees, and additional meeting details seamlessly to create a meeting in yours and the attendees schedule.

How to Schedule a Meeting

Step 1: Access the "Schedule meeting" tab

Open the gospace app on your mobile device and navigate to the meeting scheduling section via the action menu in the bottom right.

Step 2: Input meeting details

  • Enter a suitable title for your meeting.

  • Select a meeting location from the dropdown list.

  • Use the collapsible calendar picker to set the start and end times for the meeting.

  • Search for and select attendees from the provided list.

Step 3: Optional fields

  • Include an optional description for additional context.

  • Choose any required room amenities for the meeting (optional).

  • A visual count of available rooms may be displayed based on the selected location and times to help you make a decision on scheduling for that location.

Step 4: Finalise Scheduling

After filling in all the necessary details, press the “Schedule Meeting” button to create an intention from the meeting. Participants will be notified, and the meeting will be confirmed within the app.

You will then have an intention created via the menu, AIDRA will allocate and provide you the most suitable room to yours, and your attendees needs based on the amenities selected, and individual user connections.

Cancellation Process

If you decide not to proceed with scheduling a meeting, simply press the “Cancel” button from the interface. Any data entered will be discarded, and you will be returned to the previous page without any changes being made.

Similarly you can cancel a meeting via your schedule after creating it which will delete the intention for all attendees, and free the room for that date and time.

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