Release Version: v2.0.0-beta

Release Date: 17.05.24

Planning & full early access console release!

Welcome to the early access full release of gospace v2.0.0-beta. This release marks a major milestone in our new platform development, introducing a full suite of the admin features in the MVP, this includes manual allocations, auto-created allocations are coming shortly alongside the end-user platform.

New Features:

  • Edit and configure your space settings to set flexible spaces, including within rooms or anywhere on the floor itself. You can view all your allocations, edit them, create new ones, and control how AIDRA has evolved and allocated your space.

  • Verify your SSO domain to configure single sign-on for Microsoft for all users within your domain who have accounts on gospace, resulting in a seamless end-to-end experience.

  • Create multiple locations, set operating hours, and upload a floor plan within gospace to create zones, rooms, and workspaces. You can edit, add labels, and configure for your allocations within the floor plan editor in planning.

  • Configure your SFTP, Snowflake, or Microsoft AD Directory integrations to seamlessly sync your people and team data between gospace and your own systems. Similarly, sync your real-time occupancy data from Meraki, Snowflake, or SFTP to gospace for improved forecasting when allocating space to your users.

  • Create and add labels to different users, amend their details, create connections to other users, teams, rooms, or zones, and more.

  • Within the People tab, set or amend your end-users' privacy preferences, notification references, and schedule settings, such as fixed days (with the ability to set repeating patterns), and their default location or team.

  • We have also made further improvements to the Teams tab, resolving some existing bugs and adding the ability to edit teams and set properties such as targets, headcount, and more.

All features and functionality in this end-to-end release

In progress & known issues

While this release provides a comprehensive experience, there are some functionalities still in progress and known issues, as it is the first end-to-end early access release:

Functionality still in progress:

  • Ability to freeze individual spaces in planning

  • Auto-allocations, allocations being created by fixed days, and forecasting

  • OKTA & Google SSO

Known issues:

Known issues

Sandbox Environment:

This is a test environment where features are continuously developed and tested. Temporarily, you may experience issues and are advised to use a dataset of up to 1000 records on integrations. Initial setup requires creating a location with at least one layer and a floor plan for operational use.

As we continue to enhance the new platform, your feedback is invaluable for improvements in future updates.

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