View a teams schedule

As a user, you can search for and view entire teams' schedules and Today cards. This provides an overview of team intentions and daily allocations, enabling users better planning and coordination within the workspace on when they should come in.

Searching and Viewing Team Schedules

Searching for a Team

  1. Open the gospace app on your mobile device and navigate to the search function in the bottom menu.

  2. Enter the team name via the teams tab to locate the specific team you wish to view.

Selecting a Team

  1. From the search results, select the desired team.

  2. You will then be presented with a list of the team's upcoming intentions and their Today card, which shows their current day's allocation with where they're sat.

Viewing the Team Schedule

Viewing the Today Card

The Today card displays the specific location and floorplan allocation assigned to the team for the day, allowing you to see where the team is seated, and who is in. Note that team schedule visibility is governed by user privacy settings in their profile settings - therefore if a user has schedule hidden they will not be shown in the teams schedule as the names of users with hidden schedules will be anonymised.

On days with team bookings, the app fetches the team's schedule and aggregates the intentions for that day to create an attendee summary, which is then merged with the invite list for that day.

Clear Days

On days without specific bookings, if you or the user you are viewing has a default team set, the app fetches the team schedules. Aggregated summaries show who is scheduled for that day, providing a clear picture of team attendance even if a specific user isn't in.

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