Profile settings

The user app offers a dedicated section for managing profile settings, allowing you to customise your user experience according to your preferences, these are also synced with the console for admin overview. This guide will assist you in navigating and configuring settings related to your schedule, privacy, and notifications within the user app.

Accessing Profile Settings

  1. Open the gospace app on your mobile device.

  2. Tap on the bottom menu and select Settings to access the different options.

Schedule Settings

Customise how your schedule is automated, including setting your default location and team.

How to Configure:

  • Navigate to Schedule Settings within the Profile Settings tab.

  • Modify your default settings, such as location, team, and fixed days setting specific teams, as per your needs. When setting your fixed days you can configure different repeating patterns with different teams and locations, so for example you could be in Office A on Monday Tues Wednesday every other week, and Office B with another team on Thurs and Fri every 3 weeks.

  • Save your changes, which will be synchronised with the console view automatically.

Privacy Preferences

Adjust who can view your profile and schedule within the platform to ensure your personal information remains private according to your preferences.

How to Configure:

  • Open the Privacy Preferences section within Profile Settings.

  • Toggle settings, such as:

    • Open to Invitation: Control whether other users can find and invite you within the platform.

    • Schedule Hidden: Opt to hide your schedule from view by other users.

    • Schedule Restricted: Limit who can manage your schedule and do so on your behalf.

  • Confirm your changes, which will then sync across user and console.

Notification Preferences

Manage how you receive notifications.

How to Configure:

  • Select the Notification Preferences section from Profile Settings.

  • Customise your notification settings for different types, including emails and push notifications:

    • Adjust settings to receive or suppress notifications based on your activity and preferences.

  • Note that location-specific settings set by administrators might override individual preferences.

Receiving Notifications

Based on your settings, notifications will be sent to adhere to the preferences set, unless overridden by location-specific notification restrictions.

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