Production release of the admin console

Welcome to the latest release of the new platform. This release brings new functionality to the admin console, introducing production for the console as a stable environment setup for real-world simulations and setup before you onboard your end users.

Simulation mode on Console:

  • Load users, teams, and attendance data into the system and start utilising AI-driven forecasting and space allocation through AIDRA. This allows for testing and adjusting configurations without affecting the actual workspace or impacting/notifying end users, view the allocations on planning in the admin console before onboarding your end users to receive the allocations.

Admin Console enhancements:

Append or Overwrite Multiple Occupancy IDs: Admins now have the ability to either append or overwrite multiple occupancy IDs (e.g., MAC addresses). Choosing to append will register all IDs against the associated user, while selecting overwrite will use only the latest record.

Bug Fixes:

  • Label Removal Error: Fixed an error that occurred when removing a label from a person.

  • Correct Integration Type on Imports: The correct integration type is now shown on imports, ensuring accurate data representation.

In Progress & Known Issues:

While this release provides a comprehensive production experience, certain functionalities are still in progress, and some known issues remain.

Functionality still in progress:

  • Freezing Individual Spaces and Floors in Planning: Work is ongoing to allow the freezing of individual spaces and floors during planning.

  • Allocations by Fixed Days: Development continues on creating allocations based on fixed days.

Known issues:

Known issues

Production environment:

This is a new environment where features are still being tested, and therefore you are likely to experience issues. Initial setup requires creating a location with at least one layer and a floor plan for operational use.

As we continue to enhance the new platform, your feedback is invaluable for improvements in future updates.

Link: https://console.gospace.app/auth/login


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