Create a location

Access the console and click on the Locations tab. You'll find this on the main navigation bar.

Add Location

If you have no existing locations, the list will be empty. Click on the + Add Location button to start creating a new location.

Enter Location Details

A flyout titled 'Add Location' will appear, prompting you to enter the following vital details:

▪ Name: Enter the name of the location. This name will be used for reference in integration mapping on the admin console, and within planning to manage your locations. It will also be visible to end users that are receiving their allocations, and scheduling for different locations created here.

▪ Address: You can manually enter the address fields or use the search field to find and auto-fill these details. Make sure to click Confirm Address to verify and save the entered address.

Save or Cancel

After filling out the location details:

  • Click Cancel to discard changes and return to the locations list.

  • Click Add to save the new location. Ensure all required fields are completed before adding.

Publish Changes

Once you add a location, a Review Changes button will appear in the top navigation. You must:

  • Click Publish to activate the location and make it available for planning and allocations.

  • If you click Discard All, the newly created location will be deleted.

Location List

After setting up, the location will be displayed under the locations list with the following columns:

  • Search all locations

  • Country icon

  • Location name

  • Address

  • Timezone

  • Status (Active/Inactive)

  • Ability to delete or edit

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