Rooms are predefined within your location's floorplan, and can be marked as either team rooms or meeting rooms. This guide explains how to manage these rooms effectively after they have been created through the floorplan upload.

Access Rooms Tab Click on the Rooms tab from the horizontal navigation bar in a selected layer, to display the list of rooms automatically generated from the floorplan.

Managing Existing Rooms

  1. Edit Room

    • Click on a room from the list to view its overview.

    • Click the Edit button to update:

      • Name: Change the room's name.

      • Type: Specify or change the room type (team room or meeting room).

  1. Add Labels

    • In the room overview, add labels such as 'wheelchair access' to facilitate better space allocation by AIDRA.

    • Tag rooms with labels and create connections from users with specific needs to the labels to aid in space allocation.

Room Connections

  1. Navigate to Connections Tab From the room overview, click on the Connections tab to manage existing connections or create new ones between the room and people or teams.

  2. Adding Room Connections

    • To add a new connection, select whether to connect with people or teams, set the connection strength, and decide if it is a positive or negative connection.

Room List Overview

Each room on the list displays the following information:

  • Name: The designated name of the room.

  • Capacity: The number of people the room can accommodate.

  • Type: Indicates whether the room is for a team or serves as a meeting room.

  • Status: Active or inactive status of the room.

  • Delete: Option to remove the room from the system.

  • Search Rooms: Functionality to search through listed rooms.

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