The Allocations tab is your central hub for managing space allocations on specific dates, locations, and floors. It's designed to provide a comprehensive view and control over the allocation of spaces, making it easier to respond to the changing needs of your organisation.

  • Default Settings: Initially, the tab displays allocations for today's date and the first listed location and floor.

  • Customisation: You can alter the date, location, and layer via dropdown menus in the top navigation bar, enabling you to view allocations for different scenarios.

Evolving after changes

  • Optimising Space with AI - When clicked this will evolve the AI to re-allocate the spaces to better optimise space and connectivity, following the settings that have been changed for the day, and obey the below settings:

    • Minimum Disturbance: Adjusts spaces to enhance connectivity while minimising impact on existing allocations.

    • Maximum Connectivity: Prioritises optimal space utilisation, which may modify existing allocations for enhanced connectivity.

    • This allows for allocating by zone.

Managing and viewing the selected dates allocations

Visual and List Views

  • Floorplan: Visual representation on the floorplan shows allocations by team colour, or in purple for individuals.

  • List view: Right-hand list provides a full list of the allocations shown in the floorplan, including location, the name of the allocated team or individual, and the date.

Creating and managing allocations

  • Editing and Deletion: Amend or delete specific allocations directly from the list.

  • Manual Allocation: At the top of the list, use the Allocate Spaces button to manually designate spaces for teams or individuals just for that day.

    • Freezing Allocations: When you highlight a space, or click freeze all, this will save the selected allocations, so that unless they are unfrozen, when AI optimises your space, these allocations will not change. I.e. if AI is set to evolve the night before, but you've put in an allocation for person a to seat b12 3 days ago for that day, but you froze the allocation, then when aidra evolves this allocation will remain.

At the top of the list there is an allocate spaces button where an admin can highlight the space or spaces they want to allocate, then select the team or individual user/s that they want to allocate the space/s. This will manually create the allocation for the same day. If you create a manual allocation for the future you must freeze the allocation for it to be saved, otherwise when AI evolves the day before the allocation may be changed for that user or team.

Allocations created either manually or by AI here are what the user will see on their schedule. Depending on what is set for the evolve time "AI Evolution time" is when the end-users will get their notification to see where they are allocated to be sat for the next day.

Toolbar functionality

Viewing the floorplan:

  • Show zones & rooms, this shows where the zones and rooms in your floorplan so you can find them on the floorplan

Swapping Allocations

  • Allows for the flexibility of swapping spaces between teams, enabling better management of the workspace based on evolving team needs.

Consolidating Space

  • Manual Consolidation: This option blocks off selected spaces from being assigned for the day, ensuring they remain unoccupied.

  • Auto Consolidation: Automatically optimises and condenses space usage around the selected area to enhance grouping and utilisation. This feature is dynamic but currently limits adjustments to the day of action.

Managing Changes

  • Undo/Redo: Quickly reverse or repeat changes during the allocation process.

  • Save Changes: Ensure all alterations or manual allocations are saved, forming a changeset that must be published to effectuate changes.

  • Cancel Changes: This option discards any unsaved changes, reverting to the last saved state

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