Overview of the Connections tab in Planning

Gain an overview of all global connections within your division. It enables a detailed view of the relationships between different entities, helping you manage and understand how people and teams are linked across the locations in your division.

Navigation and Views

  • Connection Graph: This provides a visual map of all connections, filterable by location. It simplifies the understanding of complex relationships and dependencies which AIDRA considers when allocating space.

  • List View: For a more straightforward, detail-focused perspective, this view displays all connections in an actionable format.

Key Features of the Connections Tab

  • Filtering Options: You can filter both the graph and list views by specific locations to focus on connections relevant to the allocations you're currently monitoring, or unselect a location to see all global locations.

Connection Management in List View:

  • Detailed Information: Each row displays the origin and endpoint entity of a specific connection, its strength.

  • Colour Coding: Connection strengths are colour-coded—green for positive and red for negative—providing an insight into the nature of each relationship without clicking into it.

  • Ability to Delete: You can delete any connection directly from the list if it is no longer needed.

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