Space settings

Space settings allow you to configure various options for your floorplan, which AI will adhere to for space allocations on all days. There are three main settings you can amend:

  1. Zones

  2. People

  3. Teams

For each of these settings, you can right-click on selected spaces to:

  • Set as flex space: Allocates individuals (not teams) to these spaces.

  • Consolidate space: Prevents the space from being allocated in the future.

  • Reset space: Removes all settings previously applied to that space.

Additionally, you can:

  • Enable manual or automatic consolidation, which remains effective unless cleared. If auto-consolidate, then it will always try to optimise space allocation and group allocations closer together across all floors until disabled.

  • Show zones/rooms: Displays the zones and rooms on your floorplan for easy identification.

  • Optimise space using AI: When clicked this will evolve the AI to re-allocate the spaces to better optimise space and connectivity, following the settings that have been changed for the day, and adhering to the following settings:

    • Minimum disturbance: Aims to optimise connectivity with minimal disruption to existing allocations.

    • Maximum connectivity: Maximises connectivity, potentially altering existing allocations.

    • Allocate by zone: Allows allocation by specific zones.


In the right-hand list menu, zones are displayed with their colour, name, and capacity, along with options to delete and a search bar. To assign a zone to selected spaces, use Command+Click or drag with the left mouse button, then click 'assign' in the right-hand list. The assigned colour will appear on the floorplan. Deleting a zone removes its colour and displays the spaces as empty grey workstations. Clicking on a zone zooms into it on the floorplan.


In the right-hand list menu, you will see all users displayed as a list with their colour (initially identical for all), name, and email, along with a search bar to find people. Each user row includes an assign button. By selecting one or more spaces and then clicking assign, you can permanently allocate that person to the selected space(s) for all future days.

Additionally, there is a checkbox next to each person's name; when selected, it highlights only those individuals who are permanently assigned to spaces on the floorplan. If a person is permanently assigned fixed to a space and you have selected these spaces, you can click the "Unassign workstations" button above the right side panel to remove the user(s) from those spaces.


Teams are listed with their name, headcount (count of users in that team), type (flex, fixed, or free), and team colour, which is visible on the floorplan:

  • Fixed: Always allocates the designated fixed spaces.

  • Flex: Prefers fixed spaces but can adjust within the same floor if necessary.

  • Free: Allocates fixed spaces or the same floor but may relocate if the floor is over-allocated.

Additional settings include:

  • Minimum capacity: The smallest number of spaces that must be allocated to the team.

  • Maximum capacity: The largest number of spaces the team can occupy.

  • Target capacity: The ideal number of spaces for the team, although AI forecasting will take precedence if enabled.

  • Contingency: A percentage indicating how much space above the target should be allocated. For example, if the team is allocated 10 spaces and the contingency is set to 10%, they will be allocated 11 spaces.

  • Team colour: Indicates the team's colour, which is also visible on the floorplan where the team's fixed spaces are assigned.

  • Assign: To allocate space(s) to the team, click on the desired spaces and then click 'assign'. This action will fix the space for the team.

If a team is assigned fixed to a space(s), and you have selected those spaces, then the "Unsassign workstations" button above the right side panel can be clicked to unassign the team(s) from fixed to that space.

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