CISCO Meraki

As an Admin with integrations permissions, you can sync your occupancy data via Meraki.

When using Meraki for occupancy this means your real-time occupancy data will be synced with the gospace AI platform for AIDRA to learn and improve your forecasting for smarter space allocation.

To begin, click on "Meraki - location occupancy data" for real-time occupancy on the integrations page. You'll then see the below.

Organisation ID

To retrieve your organisation ID:

  1. Log into Meraki

  2. Go to and get the Organisation ID of your organisation. Your id is returned in the id, for example [{"id":"1234567"}].

  3. Go to{organization_id}/networks, entering the Organisation ID you just retrieved, and get the desired Network ID

For further help please refer to the CISCO Meraki documentation here:

API key

Obtaining your Meraki API key

In order to interact with the Dashboard API, you must first obtain an API key.

  • Open your Meraki dashboard:

  • Once logged in, navigate to the Organization > Settings page.

  • Ensure that the API Access is set to “Enable access to the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API”

For further help please refer to the CISCO Meraki documentation here:

If everything looks good, click "Continue" to create your Meraki integration. gospace will then test the connection to your Meraki server and verify that it can successfully authenticate and access the specified file path. If the connection test is successful, your Meraki integration is ready to start mapping to sync your occupancy data.

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