Connect securely and sync People, Teams and Attendance

As an Admin with integrations permissions, you can sync your occupancy data or directory via Snowflake.

If using Snowflake for Directory this means your active directory can be seamlessly populated in gospace AI, so you can start to automate for all your users, and map them to teams without any manual inp

If using Snowflake for occupancy this means your real-time occupancy data will be synced with the gospace AI platform for AIDRA to learn and improve your forecasting for smarter space allocation.

To begin, click on either "Snowflake - location occupancy data" for real-time occupancy or "Snowflake - user management" for directory on the integrations page. You'll then see the below.

Find your account name

To find the account name for an account, you can use Snowsight or SQL.


  1. Open the account selector and review the list of accounts that you previously signed in to.

  2. Locate the account for which you want to copy the account name.

  3. Hover over the account to view additional details, and then select the copy icon to copy the account identifier in the format <orgname>.<account_name> to your clipboard.


For further help please refer to the Snowflake documentation here:


For documentation on finding your role find the roles within your organisation here:

As an admin you can use any role your Snowflake organisation has, as long as the role has the necessary permissions to access the data being imported into gospace, the default role for Snowflake is ACCOUNTADMIN, otherwise just navigate to Admin<Users&Roles, and select the role with correct permissions.


For authentication, please use your Snowflake username and password to configure the connection.

If everything looks good, click "Continue" to create your Snowflake integration. gospace will then test the connection to your Snowflake server and verify that it can successfully authenticate and access the specified file path. If the connection test is successful, your Snowflake integration is ready to start mapping to import your directory, or sync your occupancy data.

Next steps:

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