Understand your divisions

Divisions allow you to configure multiple environments within a single account, tailoring settings and capabilities to meet specific operational needs. This flexibility enables distinct configurations for each division, including separate billing details and tax information. It also provides control over data hosting locations.

Regional data storage

To comply with geographical legal requirements or optimise data access based on user locations, gospace offers precise control over where your data is stored. You can configure data storage settings in two ways:

  • Store data to a single region for all gospace locations: Keep all data in one region across all locations, by using a single division.

  • Store data to multiple regions for each gospace location: Utilise multiple divisions to create your locations across them, and store your data in different regions. For example, you could have a "gospace Europe" division, with only your Europe-based locations, to localise the data stored to that region.

Data localisation with MongoDB Atlas

gospace utilises MongoDB Atlas global clusters to facilitate flexible and compliant data storage. By leveraging these clusters, data can be stored and managed across multiple geographical regions via divisions. This approach enhances data availability, improving platform performance while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Switching Between Divisions

Once you have established your divisions within gospace, switching between them is seamless:

  1. Click on the name of your current division in the bottom-left corner of the console.

  2. Select the desired division from the list to switch to that division without the need to log out and log back in.

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