gospace launch v2.0.4

Production launch

Thank you for being on us on this journey during early access, and providing valuable feedback. This release brings a host of exciting new features and major bug improvements. You can now access our user and device app via web URL while we await app store approvals.

We've introduced the ability to schedule meetings directly within gospace, along with an executive assistant permission that allows designated users to schedule on behalf of anyone in the division. For admins, we've added a powerful analytics tab to query and export any of your gospace data as CSV.

Last but not least, we've implemented user preferences, enabling individuals to set their own preferences which AIDRA will use to optimise space allocation.

Meeting scheduling:

From your mobile device, you can organise meetings by accessing the meeting scheduling section in the app.

  1. Select your desired location from a dropdown menu

  2. Choose the meeting's start and end times using the collapsible calendar picker

  3. Invite attendees by selecting them from the searchable people list

  4. Specify required amenities to ensure your meeting space meets all your needs

Once you've finalised your selections, simply tap the "Schedule Meeting" button, and gospace will save the meeting and notify all participants with an invite to accept. gospace provides real-time information on if a room is available, and if it isn't you won't be able to schedule for that time. Meeting rooms are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

When you have been allocated a room you will be able to see it in the schedule by swiping your today card, and seeing your allocation in the floorplan. If you have a registered device, then the device associated to that room will show as occupied for the duration.

Executive Assistant permission:

The Executive Assistant role in gospace allows set users to schedule meetings on behalf of any team member. Admins can easily set up this role through the console's integrations section via custom mapping, mapping the "People Default role" field to an imported field such as "Team name" or "Role". Once the integration runs, users matching the specified criteria are automatically assigned the Executive Assistant role, granting them expanded scheduling capabilities within the app. For more refer to custom mapping here Custom mappings and filters

It's important to note that this powerful role should be assigned carefully, as anyone with this role can schedule for any other user in the platform. You can also assign this role via Admins "Executive Assistant" permission.


The Analytics tab provides admins with a powerful tool to query and export their data, offering enhanced insights into their locations and employee patterns. In its initial release, the feature grants access to raw data in JSON format, which can be exported as CSV or JSON files for further analysis.

Administrators can perform targeted queries across various data collections, such as People, Intentions, or Allocations. For example, to view a specific user's allocations, one could query the People collection with a filter like {"people_email": "bruce@gospace.com"}. This would return detailed information including the user's allocated spaces, time slots, and associated location data.

For JSON query syntax please refer to: https://www.mongodb.com/docs/manual/tutorial/query-documents/

Your query must be a valid JSON, for example: { "key1": "value1", "key2": true, "key3": 3 }

Further gospace documentation will be released here shortly.


Known issues:

  • Fixed days not creating intentions

  • When scheduling, or setting your default team only teams that user is apart of, or are set as joinable should be visible, instead all are

  • Deleting an allocation on console<planning may fail

  • User app currently let's a user accept same day invite, when they're already allocated in that day

Coming next:

  • Auto-release functionality

  • Waitlist for rooms

  • Notifications (emails, teams, push)

  • Metrics tab on allocations

  • See what team a user is apart of via console<people

For any queries please reach out, and report any issues via the current issue tracker on JIRA.

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