Zones are defined areas within a layer, such as floors, used for managing people or teams in planning.

  1. Open Layer Overview From your location, navigate to the specific layer where you intend to manage zones.

  2. Access Zones Tab Click on the Zones tab in the horizontal navigation bar to access a list of pre-created zones based on your floorplan.

Managing Existing Zones

  1. Edit Zone

    • Select a zone from the list to view its details.

    • Click on the Edit button to open the edit zone flyout, where you can:

      • Name: Modify the existing name of the zone.

      • Colour: Select a new colour to visually distinguish the zone on the floorplan in planning.

    • Confirm changes by clicking Save or cancel the action by clicking Cancel.

Managing Zone Connections

  1. Navigate to Connections Tab From the layer overview, access the Connections tab, which displays all existing connections related to the zone.

  2. Add or Delete Connections

    • To delete a connection, select the delete option next to the connection in the list.

    • To add a new connection:

      • Choose a connection type to People or Teams.

      • Select the person or team from the provided options.

      • Set the strength of the connection and specify if it is positive or negative.

      • Confirm the new connection by clicking Save or cancel by clicking Cancel.

Adding New Zones

  1. From Zones List Click the Add Zone button to start the process of adding a new zone.

  2. Add Zone Flyout In the flyout, provide the following details:

    • Name: Enter a name for the zone.

    • Colour: Choose a colour for the zone.

    • Click Add to create the zone or Cancel to exit without creating.

    • To map the zone to a space on the floorplan, navigate to "Space Settings" in the Planning tab

Zones List

Each zone on the zones list includes:

  • Name: The name of the zone.

  • Capacity: Number of workspaces within each zone.

  • Status: Whether the zone is active or inactive.

  • Colour: Visual colour tag of the zone for reference on the floorplan in planning.

  • Delete: Option to delete a zone.

  • Add Zone Button: To add a new zone.

  • Search Zones: Ability to search through the zones list.

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