Map your directory

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing directory systems, including SFTP, Microsoft AD, and Snowflake, allowing for automatic user and team imports into gospace.

The directory integration ensures your gospace division remains consistently synchronised with your organisational directory, with daily updates. By automating these updates, gospace removes the overhead with manual data entry and maintenance, ensuring any change in your directory is reflected back into your users and teams in gospace.

In the user mapping section, define how your CSV file data should be mapped to user fields in gospace AI.

Here's a detailed explanation of each part of the user mapping configuration:

  1. Specify what type of data your data contain and what should be imported via the directory import into gospace. Here you'll have three options:

    1. "Users with Teams": Select this if your data include both user data and team or group information.

    2. "Users": Select this if your data only include user data without team or group information.

    3. "Teams": Select this if your data only include data about teams or groups without individual user details.

Key benefits:

  • We ensure your directory is updated daily at midnight UK time, reflecting any changes in your organisational directory the following day.

  • Choose from popular directory services like SFTP, and Snowflake tailored to your existing systems, for user, and team imports.

Getting started:

  1. Select Your Integration: Choose from SFTP, Microsoft AD, or Snowflake depending on your existing infrastructure.

  2. Configure Your Integration: Set up the integration by entering the necessary credentials and connection details specific to your chosen service.

  3. Map Your Data: Define which user and team attributes should be imported and how they align with data fields within the platform to ensure a seamless sync.

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