When importing teams into gospace AI, you'll need to map the columns from your CSV file to the appropriate team fields. Here's how to set up the team mapping:

Team Fields:

  • Team ID: Select the column from your CSV file that contains a unique identifier for each team, such as a team code or a specific ID format used in your organisation.

  • Team Name: Select the column that contains the name of each team.

  • User ID (Optional): If your CSV file includes a column that maps users to teams, select that column here. This allows you to associate users with specific teams during the import process when you're importing them separately.

  • Allow Guests (Optional): If your CSV file includes a column indicating whether each team allows guest access, (meaning a team can be scheduled with by both users in and not in the team itself) select that column here.

Custom Mappings:

If your CSV file includes additional team-related fields that don't fit into the predefined team fields, you can create custom mappings. To do so:

  • Click "Add Custom Mapping" to create a new row.

  • In the "gospace Field" column, select the gospace field you want to map the data to ("Default location", is the main location the team should be associated to).

  • In the "Imported Field" column, select the corresponding column from your CSV file that contains the data for that field.


Filters allow you to specify conditions that rows from your CSV file must meet in order to be imported. To add a filter:

  • Click "Add Filter".

  • In the "Filter Key" column, select the CSV column you want to filter on (e.g., "Team Name", "Team ID").

  • In the "Allowed Values" column, enter the values that the selected column must match for the row to be imported. Separate multiple values with commas.


After setting up your team mapping and filters, carefully review your configuration to ensure everything is correct. If you're satisfied with your setup, click "Confirm" to save your integration settings.

Remember to test your integration by running a small import first to verify that teams are being created correctly in gospace based on your CSV data. If you encounter any issues or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to gospace support for assistance.

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