Known issues

  1. New Account Creation for SSO verified domains.

    SSO users from verified domains are experiencing new accounts being created instead of logging into the original division the domain was verified.

  2. Trailing Whitespaces in Directory Integration

    Trailing whitespaces need to be trimmed during directory integration, as currently if you have a team named “sales” and “sales “, then the users are added to two different teams.

  3. Deleted Roles Remain Assigned

    Deleted roles are still being assigned to the admins that originally had them.

  4. Existing Email Address Input

    The system allows the input of existing email addresses when editing user information sllowing duplicate users.

  5. Inaccurate Multi-Word Filtering

    Multi-word filtering in location search results is inaccurate.

  6. 'Sync Now' Process Never Ends

    The 'Sync Now' process appears to never end without a page refresh, which then doesn’t show the actual status.

  7. Optimise with AI is disabled

    The optimise with AI (auto-creating allocations) is disabled until the 24th whilst we resolve some performance issues.

  8. Can't create connections to or from zones

    An admin is currently encountering an error when trying to create a connection either to or from a zone.

  9. Schedule restricted (Schedule managers)

    This currently has a conflict with the changesets, meaning the changes are erroring.

  10. Assigning spaces to teams does not seem to work for some users.

    After confirming, the assignment disappears. Responses are 200, but empty.

  11. Assigning spaces to people in space settings doesn't show the user on the floorplan

    After assigning one user to a space(s), and attempting to assign another workpoint the users are not visible on the floorplan

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